Welcome to my Blog. I am always trying to find new and unique ways to express myself through my glass. My work has evolved into my favorite item; pet cremation remembrance pendants. This is where I permanently fuse ashes between layers of glass. My most recent creation is my sepia - pictures in glass, where I take a picture and fuse it into glass. I have also done a few remembrance items with people's ashes which turned out amazing.

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Enjoy my blog. Hopefully you'll find something that inspires you.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm just starting out, so check back in a few days and I hope to have some pictures posted.

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I'm just getting started in the world of blogging, so bear with me until I get the hang of it. I sell my glass on addicted2glassfusion.artfire.com and addicted2glassfusion.etsy.com. I've decided to start blogging so I can have one place where I can showcase what I'm working on. I love to try new things and I'm hoping to get ideas from people that will give me inspiration for future items to make. What is it that you like?

I create art. I love working with glass which is my first choice of material, but my world of crafts is pretty much anything you can think of. My favorites are beads, swirl art, and glass fusion.

I started creating beaded jewelry about 9 years ago with my friend, Rebecca. We were in weight watchers and we went to our local Michael's craft store and bought a bunch of beads and created our first bracelet to count beads (if you're not familiar with weight watchers points, we used our beads to count points). When I look at my first bracelet now, I have to laugh. I LOVED this bracelet and now I can't imagine wearing it. Of cours over time our bracelets became something we and our friends enjoyed wearing. Rebecca and I found we could get better deals buying online in bulk and we would share the cost. We eventually bought so many beads that we decided to start selling jewelry to make it okay to purchase more. As if we needed more....Anyone with a bead illness knows what I'm talking about. We started doing home shows and selling our jewelry; we did this for several years. If I had to guess how many beads I still have on hand, I would say at least 10,000. I have trays and boxes full of beads. I still create beaded items for the teachers and office staff or for a special occasion when I need something to match a specific outfit. I keep my beads because I always come back to them. Check out my felt pendants online on both my artfire and etsy sites. They turned out really cute and I probably still have 10,000 beads.

At some point Rebecca and I started doing our own thing. I started working with other materials. That's when I tried what I call my swirl art. It's a material that's so much fun. You never know what it'll look like until you're finished with it. I make jewelry, boxes and ornaments with it. I bought some ring bases for my glass fused items and thought I would try my swirl art in them and they are super cute. They are bold, funky and fun. No two can be the same and that's what I like about it. You can see my swirl art rings on both my artfire and my etsy sites. I'll soon be making swirl art pendants too, so check back in a few weeks to see where I'm at with them.

Now for my glass and how I've come to create my name addicted2glassfusion, take the leap into the blogging world, and to sell online. When I was younger I remember watching my dad for hours creating stained glass lamps, wood and stained glass furniture, and finally etching glass. He would let me etch glass and he would make soddered glass boxes. I was too young to help him with the soddering and the cutting of the glass, but the etching part was really cool. I'd always wanted to try making something with stained glass, so I took my first class about 5 or 6 years ago. It was fun and I made a sun catcher that sits in my window. It is really quite pretty, but it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be. A few months later I took a glass fusion class. WOW! I was in heaven. This is where my love of glass fusion came from. I took several classes over the next couple of years until I finally decided I MUST buy my own kiln so I can work at home. I originally thought I would just make items for myself and my friends, but my name addicted2glassfusion is truely how I feel. I spend as much time as I have making glass items. Jewelry is my favorite item to make, because it's something people can enjoy daily. I couldn't possibly keep everything I make, so I started selling to people at work and I've been selling online for a few months now. Check out my site for my mosaic fused pendants, and my etched fused pendants.

As you can see I LOVE working will all kinds of materials. I hope to post some pictures soon so you can see some of my work. I hope you'll check out one or both of my sites and let me know what you think addicted2glassfusion.etsy.com and addicted2glassfusion.artfire.com.

Thanks again for stopping by,