Welcome to my Blog. I am always trying to find new and unique ways to express myself through my glass. My work has evolved into my favorite item; pet cremation remembrance pendants. This is where I permanently fuse ashes between layers of glass. My most recent creation is my sepia - pictures in glass, where I take a picture and fuse it into glass. I have also done a few remembrance items with people's ashes which turned out amazing.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fused Glass Scenery Pendants and Wall Hanging

I wanted to show some of my favorite scenery pendants and a wall hanging.  Some have already sold and some are still for sale on my etsy site.

This darling cat wall hanging is so cute. It's for the ultimate cat lady in your life; even if the cat lady is you.

This fused glass pendant is so absolutely beautiful how the background sunset has the most beautiful colors sweeping across the sky.

This mom and baby elephant pendant is amazing in person.

Need I say more? 

This baby elephant hanging onto the moms tail is my favorite part of this pendant.

Even though summer is coming to an end, this pendant gives me a smile when I think of the warm days at the beach and the sand between my toes.

This one is one of my all time favorites.  It is the perfect pendant.

This one was hand painted to get the sky effect.  I love how it turned out.

Another one of my hand painted pendants and I love the sky in this one.  It's a great one for all the animal lovers out there.  The dog chasing the cat up the tree.

This one was tough to get a great picture because of all the colors in it reflecting the light.  It is gorgeous!

Fused Glass Wall Hanging

This is the finished wall hanging I made for friend of mine.  I think it's the perfect gift.  It turned out amazing and my friend loved it.  I love creating these because when they all come together with the chain and beads, they look absolutely perfect. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Paws for Artown craft show my new business card holders

I'm getting ready for a local craft show in July 15th called Art Paws.  It's being done in conjunction with Artown at McKinley school in Reno.  I went last year, but not as a vendor.  I was amazed to see about 100 dogs; maybe more.  It was a perfect event.  I felt this is the perfect opportunity to showcase my pet remembrance jewelry, picture frames and sun catchers.  I was so excited to find they still had room for me to have a booth, so now I'm busy working on getting a few new pet related items done. 

I just finished some new business card holders and they are absolutely perfect. These are excellent quality and you can fit several of your business cards into the cases. They are similar to my keychains which will also be at the craft show.  Below are some pictures of some of my items you'll see at my booth.  You'll also find some pet related rings and hopefully some earrings if I can get them finished in time.  My scenery pendants will also be available.  I posted a picture in my last blog to give you an example of what they look like.

Business Card Holders



If you can make it, please stop by and say hello.  If you need an address, please let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Scenery pendants

Here are my new scenery pendants.  I took the picture with my phone which turned out pretty good.  All I need to do now is attach a bail to each one and they'll be ready to list on my website.  I've sold three already which is very exciting.  I would love to try the kitty cat sitting on the porch as a pet remembrance pendant.  I think they would be darling if they worked. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My grinder arrived just in time for Mother's Day and I was able to finish my fused glass wall hangings. I am absolutely happy with the final pieces.  Here they are.

In this piece I wanted to bring out the darker colors so I used darker and lighter beads.  I love how it brings it all together.  I also love the color of this chain.  It's almost a peach color.

This amazing picture is delicate and feminine which is perfect for the person it is made fore.  The wire is the same wire as in the picture above, but it is a totally different look, especially because of the light pink or peach colored beads at the bottom, which compliment the whole wall hanging.

In this wall hanging, I used a darker chain and I found the awesome focal wire bead and two small glass beads to bring it all together. 

This is why I love to work with glass.  I can make amazing memorable pieces of art for people to enjoy.  I love this new concept; rather than putting your photo in an album, you can now turn it into glass and hang it on your wall to enjoy every day. 
If you like these, check back in a few weeks to see how my other wall hangings turn out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm very pleased with how my wall hangings ended up after firing them in the kiln.  The edges need some grinding and then a final firing in the kiln after that.  So far, I'm am so happy with how these turned out.  I had to send the top part of my grinder back to the company because the grinding pad is stuck onto the grinder.  I am hoping I get it back in time, but I'm not sure.  If not, they will have to be a little late which would be disappointing because of how much time I took to get them ready.

Here are some of my almost finished pieces that will all need grinding and firing one more time.

In the piece above the top picture is approximately 5x5" and each of the smaller pieces are about
1 1/2".  Each of the smaller pieces will be hung with chain.  This piece will be fairly large.  I don't think I would make it any bigger, but the smaller pieces are a little too small and some of the detail got a little lost.  It's still amazing and I can't wait to get it all completed.

In this piece, I wasn't sure how the mountains behind them would turn out, but I love it.  You can see all the detail and the dimensions of the different hills behind them.  I made the top piece 5x5" and the bottom piece approximately 3".  I think the larger 3" piece turned out better than the 1 1/2" pieces in the piece above. 

This one turned out great, but definitely needs some grinding on the larger piece.  In the bottom piece where the wire hoop is, I will hang a bead off the bottom to give it a little something extra.

I chose gold for this one because it brings out the feel of Autumn.  I love nature, and this one is an amazing piece.  I cannot wait until this one is finished and she sees it.  I didn't choose to put a hook on the bottom piece to keep it clean and simple.

In this wedding wall hanging, I was going to make the entire piece white and the champagne glasses in the second picture gold, but the outline of the champagne glasses was too hard to see.  The person in this piece loves antiques and is a very romantic person so the gold reminded me of her.  I felt that gold was more her than silver.  In this finished piece, I think gold was definitely the right choice.

This wall hanging is perfect in white because of the wedding.  It brings out the wedding theme of her white dress and keeps it bright and simple.  This one will be hung with silver wire and silver chain with a clear or white bead at the bottom. 

After I finish the wall hangings, I will certainly post them online.  Not all of them are intended to be given for Mother's Day so you'll see some online sooner than others.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Wall Hanging

This Mother's Day fused glass wall hanging is only about 40% completed.  I'm very excited to see it completed and I've done several test pieces so I'm pretty confident of what it will look like when I'm done.  If you're a fused glass artist, you know that sometimes as much as you prep and test, sometimes things don't work as planned.  I have high hopes though, that it will be finished as I hope it will be.

In the picture above, this is the layout of the wall hanging.  The pictures in glass are on top of a paper towel so you can see them better.  I will be painting each piece and then firing a piece of glass on the back.  Each of the pieces will have a hook in them and they will be hanging with chain to connect them to the piece above it.  The overall length of the wall hanging will probably be about 15"-20" long depending on how long I make the top chain or wire.  I will be using a gold color background and the finished color will be a little lighter than the gold in the picture below.  

In this picture, these are some of the pieces that are getting ready to be fired.  As you can see in the picture with the green background on the bottom right, there is a small hook at the top.  Each of the pieces in the wall hanging above will have small hooks fired in them so I can hang them with chain to the piece above and below it.

 Wish me luck on the final piece.  I'll post it when I'm done so you can see how it came out, so if you're curious too, keep checking my blog.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pet photo fused into glass for my remembrance pendants

fused sepia slide of my dog

A few examples of my finished pieces.  As you can see pink and black aren't seen well at all.

My old girl who is very photogenic, as seen in the first picture above.

Sepia image of a pathway I photographed.  Very Beautiful. 

This is the picture before it was fused to glass as seen in the picture above.

So what are all these pictures about?  Well, I'm very excited to start sharing some new ideas.

I just took some amazing classes and I've been testing a few of the ideas out as seen in the pictures above.  I've wanted to take my pet remembrance items further and one of the concepts I learned is to fuse a picture to my glass.  It's definitely what I've been looking to do.  In the above pictures you'll see my pictures I put into glass.  I've heard that the sepia or brown color the decals turn look best on white and they're right.  I tried some on clear and took the picture with a white background.  The 3rd picture is what my dog looks like in a color photo.  In the 4th and 5th picture you'll see one of my personal pictures and what it looks like on glass.  I'm very excited to start offering new items to my customers so they can enjoy their personal memories fused into glass.  Whether it's their pet or a place they've visited or their family, this gives me a lot of new ways to improve my work.  In fact, I have already posted a listing on my website if you're interested in this pet remembrance option please click this link and click into the cremation for ashes category http://www.etsy.com/shop/addicted2glassfusion.  At this point, I probably won't be painting on the pet remembrance pendants, because most pets are black, white or brown and I don't think they have the powders I need for the painting, but I will keep playing with the idea to see if it works.  In the pictures below you'll see the same concept I learned in my class, but we painted with the sepia images and they are amazing.  Unfortunately we weren't able to clean  the glass or do any grinding so the sizes of the glass aren't the same, but this will give you an idea how beautiful they are.  I can't wait to show you some completed items and put them up for sale.

Another class I took was screen printing on glass and that was an amazing class.  I learned how to make screenprints and turn my pieces into works of art.  This was completely different and I loved it just as much, maybe more because of how brilliant everything turned out.  Again, keep in mind the pictures below are from my class and we didn't have time to grind them or clean them off before firing, but they are still amazing.  I will definitely be offering some of these very soon on both of my websites.

I will do my best to update my blog, but if you're interested in purchasing items like these, it's best to check either of my websites first because I don't post here as often as I'd like.  Hopefully you'll see some new work up for sale in the next week or two.

Here are the links to both of my websites.

Thank you for stopping by to see what's new at Addicted2glassfusion.