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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Vegas Trip was exceptional!

Well, I have recovered from my Vegas trip to the Glass Craft and Bead Expo.  What an amazing expo this was.  I can't believe all the classes offered at one venue.  Jayne Persico's class on fused glass bracelets and watches was the highlight of my entire trip.  She is an outstanding teacher and she's very approachable.  She was a delight to take this class from.  I would definitely take another class from her in the future.  I was able to bring in some of my questionable items (which I call flopps) and she spent the time with the class and told us what went wrong and what I should try next time.  If you are a fused glass artist and have an opportunity to take a class from Jayne, I highly recommend it.  I was shocked to find that I already owned one of her books but was too nervous to try anything in it.  I have since ordered a 2nd book from her.  Here's her website if you want to check out who she is http://www.jpglassworks.com/ 

I took a class on how to make bubbles in glass from Joseph2bears.  He was a great teacher.  His wife also assisted in the class. His ratios in making the bubble mixture were very different than I've used to make bubbles.  He gave me some great ideas that I can't wait to try.  I would recommend this class if you want to learn a few new things from another really great teacher.  Here's his website http://www.joseph2bears.com/

I could have passed on my third class given by Ann Sanborn.  I felt it was a complete utter waste of time and money.  I feel that the Glass Expo is doing a terrible service to people by continuing to offer this class, but I think it's political because she's on the board or something like that.  All of my neighboring classmates were also completely frustrated with the class and were ready to leave before the class was 1/2 over.  In a 7 hour class we got about 45 minutes of instruction.  She was completely scattered the entire day which was very frustrating.  She would start to tell us something that was in the class description and then she would start talking about something else.  It was hard to get information from her, from start to finish.  We got bits and pieces of information and had to fill in the blanks throughout the day or ask her to go back to previous discussions to clarify what she was saying.  A lot of what she talked about seemed like a sales pitch.  She told us how much she charges for her services and add on's if she's going to do a website for you.   Every web site she used as examples was not completely finished, including her own website.  She told us her website is a work in progress and she's still working on it.  She told us what some of her customers had done wrong, but she never showed us what a fabulous website looks like so we can get an idea of the direction we should go.  I see her name on a lot of magazine articles, so maybe she has some concepts that are useful.  I'm not really sure.  I'm going to read some of her articles and if I learn something from them.  I don't want to dis her too bad if she was just having an off day, but I wish it hadn't been on my time or with my money. 

Even with one bad class, this expo was still the highlight of my year.  I met a lot of great people, exchanged ideas and bought a lot of glass and supplies.  I can't wait to try out some of my new techniques.

I hope to have some pictures of my items posted on here in the next few weeks when I have time, so check back.

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