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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pet Memorial Jewelry

I'm very excited to announce I have finally completed my first, fused glass, pet memory necklace.  Pet memory jewelry is where your beloved pet ashes are fused in between two pieces of glass forever.  You don't  have to tell anyone what's in the pendant unless you want to.  It's a really great idea and one that I've wanted to do for a long time.  It just wasn't cost effective to run my large kiln for one or two pendants because of the cost of the electricity.  When I learned how to create my fused glass watches, I had to purchase a small kiln where the shelf size is about 6 x 6" and it runs on a 110v outlet so the cost of running such a small kiln isn't too prohibitive.  I got my first order last week and wow, the pendant is so darling.  The one for the customer  has flowers, green grass, and blue sky.  The flower represents life and the memory of the living pet and the blue sky where I've sprinkled the ashes, represent the pet in heaven.  The pendant in person looks like there are clouds where the ashes are.  This is an amazing pendant.  I hope my customer loves it and what I tried to create for her. 

The other pendants were created at the same time using my own pet's ashes.  I love how the red, purple and blue one turned out because I can have any color I want, I could use red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green, white, black, brown. I have about 25 colors to choose from.  The other clear pendants have dichroic glass and some even have glass pieces that color the pendants.  I still have to decide how to finish them to hang as a pendant.  I may try to wire wrap them because I don't really like when the bail really stands out.  I'm okay if it shows a little, but not as much as these would show.  The two black pendants are created different; one you can see the ashes from the front and the other you cannot.  For the black pendant that you can't see the ashes from the front are where the ashes can only be seen from the back.  I need to try these types of pendants again and put more dichroic color on them.  They didn't turn out as vibrant as I'd like, but they're still really beautiful.

Here are my pendants for you to see.

Keep checking back and as I get more orders I'll post the finished pendants online.

I love how the middle and lower right pendant came out.  They are simple and the ashes aren't too overwhelming.  People won't know they have ashes in them unless you tell them.

For this pendant, the ashes are centered in the middle of the pendant and can be seen from the front.  I wasn't sure if I would like the pendant with the ashes in the front of the dark background, but it turned out really nice.

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