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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I'm working on

October is just around the corner and I'll be selling my fused glass at the McQueen craft fair.  I'm still trying to work on perfecting colored bubbles in glass.  I've made a couple fused glass night lights and platters but I have a little more work to do before I'm happy with them. 

The picture above shows one of my sample pieces with bubbles in it. I fused 16 test pieces and this one was my favorite.  I hope to perfect the bubbles and eventually sell it.  For now, I'm just trying to get it exactly how I want it. I've probably tried 40 pieces and several kilns full of glass to get it how I want it.  I've made a couple of night lights with several colors but the bubbles weren't as big as I wanted so I'm still going to make some more.

I was very busy today and was able to start both kilns today.  My small kiln has some pendants that I tried my newest bubble mixture in, so I'll see tomorrow if they turned out.  I also started my larger kiln this evening and it has a beautiful green platter as well as a  beautiful burnt red pet memory picture frame for a friend of mine.  Not sure if the picture frame will turn out because the paper I use to keep the glass separated for the picture to go in, might not come out from the glass.  Last time I fused the green frame, it was extremely difficult to get the paper out. After 30 minutes, I finally did it, but I could reach the bottom of where the paper was. That's because it only went down about 4".  The burnt red frame will have a space for a 5 x 7 picture to go in, which means it goes down 7".  It will be a shame if it doesn't come out because of how long it took me to make it.

I am also making some more of my mosaic pendants. They're in the kiln and it's my 2nd time firing.  I have 1-2 more times to fuse in the kiln before I can call them pendants, but I have some new colors and so far they look really beautiful.

I'll post some more pictures when I have them. 

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