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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm very pleased with how my wall hangings ended up after firing them in the kiln.  The edges need some grinding and then a final firing in the kiln after that.  So far, I'm am so happy with how these turned out.  I had to send the top part of my grinder back to the company because the grinding pad is stuck onto the grinder.  I am hoping I get it back in time, but I'm not sure.  If not, they will have to be a little late which would be disappointing because of how much time I took to get them ready.

Here are some of my almost finished pieces that will all need grinding and firing one more time.

In the piece above the top picture is approximately 5x5" and each of the smaller pieces are about
1 1/2".  Each of the smaller pieces will be hung with chain.  This piece will be fairly large.  I don't think I would make it any bigger, but the smaller pieces are a little too small and some of the detail got a little lost.  It's still amazing and I can't wait to get it all completed.

In this piece, I wasn't sure how the mountains behind them would turn out, but I love it.  You can see all the detail and the dimensions of the different hills behind them.  I made the top piece 5x5" and the bottom piece approximately 3".  I think the larger 3" piece turned out better than the 1 1/2" pieces in the piece above. 

This one turned out great, but definitely needs some grinding on the larger piece.  In the bottom piece where the wire hoop is, I will hang a bead off the bottom to give it a little something extra.

I chose gold for this one because it brings out the feel of Autumn.  I love nature, and this one is an amazing piece.  I cannot wait until this one is finished and she sees it.  I didn't choose to put a hook on the bottom piece to keep it clean and simple.

In this wedding wall hanging, I was going to make the entire piece white and the champagne glasses in the second picture gold, but the outline of the champagne glasses was too hard to see.  The person in this piece loves antiques and is a very romantic person so the gold reminded me of her.  I felt that gold was more her than silver.  In this finished piece, I think gold was definitely the right choice.

This wall hanging is perfect in white because of the wedding.  It brings out the wedding theme of her white dress and keeps it bright and simple.  This one will be hung with silver wire and silver chain with a clear or white bead at the bottom. 

After I finish the wall hangings, I will certainly post them online.  Not all of them are intended to be given for Mother's Day so you'll see some online sooner than others.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work. 

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