Welcome to my Blog. I am always trying to find new and unique ways to express myself through my glass. My work has evolved into my favorite item; pet cremation remembrance pendants. This is where I permanently fuse ashes between layers of glass. My most recent creation is my sepia - pictures in glass, where I take a picture and fuse it into glass. I have also done a few remembrance items with people's ashes which turned out amazing.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

February update

Just a reminder you can still WIN A PENDANT OF YOUR CHOICE FROM MY ARTFIRE OR ETSY sites on March 1st.  Just purchase any item (except necklace wires) from either addicted2glassfusion.artfire.com or addicted2glassfusion.etsy.com by the end of the day February 28th.  Check back here on my blog where I'll announce the winner sometime in the afternoon or evening.  Your chances are amazingly good to win a pendant, because I've only had 2 people purchased 4 items so far.  Every item you purchase online (except necklace wires) gets you one ticket in the drawing so the more you purchase the better chance you have at winning. 

So, a little work on my part and things are finally paying off for me.  I've posted a lot of items on both my artfire and my etsy site.  Locally, I have put glass items in my brother's coffee shop Fleur Dalice coffee shop at Bonaventure in Sparks, Nevada.  For anyone that lives in Reno - Sparks area, it is near the Raley's shopping center by Wingfield Springs.  I have also put my glass pendants in two consignment shops in Reno, Nevada at Ryrie's and Tassels, which are both on the south end of Reno.  All of which are finally paying off for me, I'm starting to see some sales from all of them.   

The next thing I'm totally stoked about is in April I've signed up for a couple of glass classes.  One is making glass bracelets and watches, the other is how to make bubbles in glass.  I can't tell you how many times I've tried to make the bubbles in glass.  I've done enough testing and I've figured out how to do the bubbles inside the glass, but not on top.  At the class in April, I'll learn some new techniques about different types of bubbles in and on top of the glass.  I plan on taking a lot of pictures of my classes and my finished products and posting them to my flickr account.  So check out my flickr.com/addicted2glassfusion sometime in late April to see photos of the classes or what I've made.  I've also started posting more of my glass work on my flickr account.

I have also entered the world of twitter.  Still not sure how to search and find what I'm looking for but when I have time I'll get more into it.  If you're interested in following me, check out twitter.com/addicted2glass.  They don't allow more letters in my name, so that's why this doesn't match my other accounts addicted2glassfusion exactly, but it's pretty close. 

Well, I better run, I hope you have a great day or evening, and thanks for visiting me.

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