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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pet Memory Cremation Items

I've been really working hard on coming up with some new ways to create my pet memory, cremation items.  I've come a long way since I started.  Some of the pictures I'm posting are from one of my pet's ashes and some are my customer's items that I took pictures of.

The first several pet memory pendants are my dichroic etched pendants.

The pendant below was painted with glass and the ashes are sprinkled in the sky to represent the pet in heaven.  In person, where the ashes were sprinkled, it looked like clouds in the sky.  It was my first pendant for a customer.

These next few items are some of my mosaic pendants with ashes

The picture above is to show you how I've learned to shape the pet ashes into a heart shape. It gives it the most perfect finish to such a wonderful remider of your pet.

This final piece is my first sun catcher I've made.  I fused a wire in between the glass for hanging in a window.  I fused my cat's ashes on top of the heart shape and I sprinkled it with different glass powders and dichroic glass.  It really turned out amazing.  I can't wait to put a ribbon on top and hang it in the window.

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