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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fresh from the kiln May 2011 Cremation jewelry for pets and people ashes

I hope you like some of my new glass. Most of the pictures are of items still inside my kiln so some of the glass is facing different directions. The cute animals I thought would make great drawer pulls for a child’s bedroom dresser or even a bathroom. I have a zebra, monkey, elephant, and giraffe. I also have a unicorn shape that would be darling as drawer pulls as well as a pendant for a little girl.
I fired some new cremation jewelry pieces. One is a large dog paw print and a got a new cat style. Two other new styles are for cremation for people's ashes. One is a beautiful path to a sun and the other is a parent with a child and they will make wonderful gifts for those that would like something unique with ashes of their loved ones. I'm getting so busy with my memory jewelry that I thought it was time to make use of my big kiln and fire it with a lot of colors.

You can also see where I've tried to write pets names on some of the backs of some pendants. Some of the letters didn't turn out well or at all, but for my first time, I was pretty pleased with it. I will definitely try again. It also didn't work to have lettering and heart shaped ashes, so the ashes really don't look like I'd like them to.  I won't market the name on the back until I can figure out why the letters didn't turn out very well.
Finally, I fused some musical notes and they are really stunning. I can't wait to list them.

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